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papa_denethor's Journal

Kylethor, formerly Denethor
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Nickname: "Smokey"

Proud father of Boromir of Gondor, mighty warrior of Gondor, heir to the stewardship of Gondor, bane to orcs, enemy of Sauron and loyal defender of the realm.

Oh, and I have a son named Faramir, too.

Currently Queen of Rohan (don't ask, the tiara itches and it pisses me off) and husband of her and him

I randomly turn into a kid because my Mun is a fucker.
Given my new name by my father because I don't want to be associated with him.
battle, being a dad, boromir, braveboromir, darkness, death, evil, fire, firstsonboromir, gondor, making cookies, pain, poison, power, sirboromir, valiantboromir